Membership Information


"To give members a wholesome diversion from their daily tasks, by means of music, sports and social activities." 



  1. Membership to the West Coplay Maennerchor is open to everyone who is in full accord with its purpose and who is twenty-one years of age and of good moral character.
  2. Membership consists of social and honorary members, so designated after twenty-five consecutive years of membership.              
  3. Honorary and social members can take an active part in debates on all business transactions and have equal voting power.              
  4. The name of a person seeking membership must be proposed to the Society in the form of a written application sponsored by a member in good standing. This written application must be accompanied by an initiation fee of $15, which will be accredited as acceptance fees and key, upon his/her admission to the Society as a social member.              
  5. As per February 2012 Board Meeting all visitors will be required to make application to the Maennerchor upon 2nd visit to the Maennerchor.        


  1. The annual dues shall be $10.00 for all social members. Honorary members will be free from charge.              
  2. Members who fail to pay their dues by July 1st shall be notified in writing. Members who still do not pay their dues will be dropped from the membership roster.              
  3. Members who have been dropped can only be reinstated after making proper application as a new member.